For over three years now, Jnetwork has been developing and perfecting responsive web solutions for our clients. Rapidly changing technology means new ways to look at the web.

Responsive web design is a way for businesses to keep consistent branding and messaging for their customers across all existing devices, and even those that have yet to be invented. Aside from the benefits listed above, one cohesive site that will respond to browser regardless of device or screen size improves your business’s SEO immensely.

What was once a mere suggestion from search engines like Google has now become standard. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and Jnetwork’s clients have all seen a marked improvement in both lead quality and conversion since upgrading to a responsive site.

At Jnetwork, we work our hardest to be thought leaders and visionaries in the world of web design. Whether you have realized it or not, mobile web browsing has surpassed desktop browsing in popularity.

Responsive web design has removed the need for a mobile website because responsive sites have the ability to scale up and down, regardless of device, including those that have yet to be invented. The industry has adapted, and adapted well.

Google has taken steps from encouraging businesses to design responsive websites to downright punishing those that don’t.

Responsive web design is the wave of the future, and Jnetwork is here to help you ride that wave.

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